Big White Wall is an online peer-support network inspired by a London social project where derelict buildings that were part of the community’s heritage were being demolished. The community was encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings on the houses’ whitewashed walls. This event was the inspiration behind the creative outlet that we call ‘bricks’ -- graphic images created by members -- that form ‘the wall’ of Big White Wall today.

Our name comes from its parts: “Big” recognizes the infinite nature of human emotion; “White” conveys the blank canvas that our site provides members to express themselves; and, “Wall” symbolizes shelter and support, as well as the barriers we sometimes need to break through to improve emotional health. The importance of anonymous self-expression is obvious in the thousands of ‘bricks’ created by BWW members.


  • 95% report improved wellbeing
  • 80% self-managed their emotional issues
  • 73% of people share an issue for the first time
  • 80% report improved self-care behaviours

At the heart of Big White Wall is its community of members, who support and help each other share what’s troubling them in a safe and anonymous environment. The site is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year – no need to wait until morning, the next business day or to get to your doctor. You can find support simply by logging on.

To ensure safety and anonymity, the site is monitored by clinically trained ‘Wall Guides’, who are online 24/7. We know that finding help when you’re distressed can be hard, so our Wall Guides are also there to help you feel welcome and guide you on how to get the most from our services.

  • Community Support

    Connect with others who are experiencing similar issues and share what’s on your mind while gaining support and advice.

  • Anonymity

    Your anonymous username allows you to freely interact and communicate without fear of being judged.

  • Creative Outlets

    Design a graphic expression of your thoughts and feelings through our “Bricks”. Create from scratch or simply upload images and words.

  • Focused Courses

    Join our “Guided Support” courses with others to learn how to manage everything from depression and anxiety to weight-management and stopping smoking.

  • Safety

    Safety and security is a top priority for BWW and there are a number of features in place including: 24/7 moderation by clinically trained ‘Wall Guides’, privacy rules and security guidelines.

  • Self Improvement Tools

    Learn tips and find ways to cope using our valuable resources about many conditions and topics to help you understand more about your feelings, set goals and track progress.

  • Assessments

    Take Assessments to help you understand more about yourself and the best way to manage challenging situations.

  • Personalized Suggestions

    Based on your interests we offer you suggestions to help you feel better. Your customized ‘home page’ is your personal journey and keeps everything you do on BWW in one place.

The importance of ANONYMOUS
is obvious in the thousands of ‘bricks’ created by BWW members
  • NHS High Impact Innovation: Digital First
  • Best EU eHealth Solution 2014
  • HSJ top 50 innovators 2013
    awarded to Jen Hyatt, BWW CEO
  • Nominet 100 2013
    Most inspiring social tech ventures in the world
  • Finalist – Innovation in Mental Health
  • HSJ Awards 2013
  • Mind Media Awards 2012
    The Mark Hanson Digital Media Award Finalist
  • Guardian Public Services Awards 2010 Winner
  • ‘Transformation Award’
  • eGovernment National Awards Finalist
  • HSJ Awards 2010
  • Innovation in Mental Health Finalist
  • NHS Health and Social Care Awards
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing 2010 Finalist
  • National eWell-Being Awards 2010 Finalist
  • Media Guardian Award 2009 for
    Innovation in Community Engagement Winner